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Firming up your skin with the French secret of grapes!

By Angeliz Venter As a first-time mom the shock of my body looking different and feeling different post-partum was quite big. Even now, 14 months after the birth of our son, my body and skin still need some extra care to feel nourished and good. Luckily, I found Panier des Sens’s firming grape renewing oil […]

Reducing waste one dirty diaper at a time

By Angeliz Venter We started our diaper journey by purchasing a massive amount of cloth diapers intending to use cloth diapers full-time and when travelling, but we soon realized that this is a very unrealistic expectation for our family (even though a lot of other parents can successfully do it). We still wanted to have […]

Give your breastmilk supply a little boost!

By Angeliz Venter One of my biggest fears was not being able to breastfeed, having a low supply or just giving up on our breastfeeding journey prematurely. My other fear was not being able to gave the natural unmedicated birth that I wanted, without going into details for now, we encountered some complications while in […]

Laundry day just got easier

By Angeliz Venter While I was pregnant, everyone kept telling me statements similar to “You will never have time for yourself again” and I remember every time I heard that, I thought it can’t possibly be THAT bad, babies just eat and sleep right? WRONG! All babies do in the beginning is eat, sleep, poop […]

The pregnancy keepsake you now KNOW you need

By Angeliz Venter Like a lot of first-time moms, the moment I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to preserve every moment, every step, every milestone, literally everything! One of the most important things for me to remember was my preggy belly at the end and although a lot of people suggested that I […]

Getting your iron deficiency under control during pregnancy

By Angeliz Venter I’ve always struggled to an extent with iron deficiencies, especially during the time when I have my menstrual cycle, but for the first few months of my pregnancy I was abnormally tired and fatigued and as I progressed into the second trimester it got worse, to the point where I felt I […]

Enjoy the romance of wine, without the risk

By Angeliz Venter A few weekends ago one of our friends asked me if I missed “the romance” of sitting with a glass of red wine and just relaxing… and that is when I realized that, that is exactly what I missed about drinking wine, not necessarily the alcohol content, but the romance of it! […]

This hormone free contraceptive, fertility tracker and pregnancy tracker are the future!

By Angeliz Venter This blog is dedicated to all the people who sent me unsolicited messages after we announced our pregnancy, about how they ‘understood’ and can relate to having an unplanned pregnancy at a young age and basically just projecting their own experiences on our situation. Dear friends, (essentially strangers) we planned this pregnancy […]

Your healthy alternative for fast foods

By Angeliz Venter I will proudly admit that I am a woman who absolutely love “take-aways” in any shape or form since a young age. Now that I am pregnant, my love for the greasy options increased even more and it is one of the few things I could stomach the during the first trimester. […]

Eliminate plastic from your hair care routine

By Angeliz Venter I will start this blog post on an honest note and say that I’ve never been brand loyal to a brand for hair care and would usually just buy what is on sale or what my mom brought and doesn’t want anymore. Ironically what started bothering me when I started my sustainability […]