All men love Leah

When I first started reading “All men love Leah”, I was a bit confused as to why the emphasis was placed on certain ordinary activities (from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t understand mental disorders). Later on in the book, I realized that there is significance behind each of these ‘ordinary’ or ‘everyday’ activities and as a reader you have to look deeper into what it symbolizes and place yourself into the shoes of someone with a mental disorder.

“All men love Leah” showcases Enzo who is struggling to adapt to society or to integrate with his peers. Until he meets Leah who pushes him to climb out of his shell and explore beyond what he thought would be possible.

The writer, Ksenija Nikolova gives the reader insight into the mind of someone who struggles to cope with everyday tasks and struggles to comprehend social behavior. At the end of the book a lot of the storylines and emphasis points makes a lot more sense, but it is a very turbulent book and definitely not a relaxing read.

I would recommend this book to someone who wants to learn more about a person’s mind with a mental disorder or someone who has a friend or family member struggling with mental illness.

The girl she was before

When I read a review saying there is an unexpected plot twist at the end, I was on high alert to try and figure out the catch from the beginning, but nothing could prepare me for the actual plot twist… Very few books can keep me guessing until the end and then I have the suspect completely wrong. I would truly recommend reading this book, for a short, yet nail gripping read.

Jess Kitching writes this suspense/crime thriller brilliantly, keeping you on your seat from the first page, making it impossible to put down until the last page. She takes you through the peaceful and content life of Nat in Coral Bay, whose perfect life comes to an abrupt halt when two of her best friends die unexpectedly. On top of that, the return of Chrissy Summers doesn’t make it any easier on Nat’s grieving process and brings back painful memories of how she was a victim of bullying in school and the girl she used to be.

When the police start suspecting foul play, Nat’s life unravels even more and she is faced with her past demons, accusing stares and small-town gossip ruining her once perfect life.

The question on everyone’s lips.. Is there a serial killer loose in Coral Bay? Is it someone they know? Who is next?

Published by Kingsley Publishers