Shaving gone eco-friendly!

By Angeliz Venter

I will start off this blog by admitting that I hate shaving, any part of my body.

I think it comes down to my mom not wanting me to start shaving too early and therefore took me for my first leg wax at 13, which was very “traumatic”, but I stuck to waxing for quite a few years until I couldn’t grow my leg hair long enough to wax due to my modeling career. I was never particularly good at shaving and I used to cut myself quite often, no matter what blade or brand I used. After I decided I am definitely not passionate about modeling, I also went through a feminist stage of some sort where I just wouldn’t shave my legs, but I started feeling itchy and uncomfortable and still wanted to shave my legs at least once a month.

Fast forward a bit and I am now in my mid-twenties, sustainability conscious and I still have a strong dislike for shaving, except now I know the impact this disposable shaver has on our environment, which makes me dislike the whole process even more! If we look at the statistics, the average person goes through 40-50 disposable razors or shavers a year, which amounts to more than 2500 in the average persons lifespan! Now multiply that by each person on earth! Disposable razors cannot be recycled due to it being made of non-recyclable plastic and metal, which makes it too difficult and time costly to separate. But to contradict that, safety razor blades can effectively decompose over time without releasing toxic chemicals into the environment. As shocking as it is, a disposable razor comes packaged mostly in even more plastic that is non-recyclable. For example, Gillette’s Fusion Razor won the DUMP award for the use of too much useless packaging in 2009, according to Leaf Score. The DUMP award stands for dangerous and useless materials in packaging and exposes the 7 worst packaging materials on store shelves.

These few facts alone contributed to my excitement when I received Re-Store’s Safety Razor bundle! Firstly, the packaging is recyclable or can be used as a travel container, making it a win already! It comes with a Himalayan Salt shaving bar soap, cutting out more useless packaging of shaving products and toxic chemicals in them. It’s made from coconut oil, castor, shea and cocoa butter, Himalayan salt grapefruit and lime essential oils. You also receive a double-edged blade, made from stainless steel and then lastly, the safety razor. Safety razors can be used for many years and the blade can just be replaced and recycled with your normal recycling. It’s available in silver and rose gold, making it the perfect switch for him and her and also giving you options if you are not a rose gold fan like me! The safety razor is made from Zinc Alloy, making it much more environmentally friendly than a disposable razor.

The first time I used this razor, it went really well, until I got lazy and distracted (as usual) and cut myself in two places on my leg. The blades are very sharp, so I suggest you use this razor very carefully. But I have to add that my legs have also never felt so smooth and silky after shaving and it’s definitely the best shaver I’ve used in terms of actually doing its main job! I also loved the soap, seeing as I haven’t brought shaving products in years and just used whatever I can find in the shower. After a few tries and consciously telling myself to concentrate, I got the hang of it and now I love it!

Here are a few tips on how to shave effectively with this razor:
• Wet your legs with water, to soften your skin and the hair.
• Apply the Himalayan soap bar to the area before shaving.
• Shave in the direction that your hair grows.
• Tilt the shaver a little bit diagonally.
• Rinse the hair out after every streak that you shave.
• Store your razor in a dry place or container.

Overall, this bundle is so cost effective and easy to use. I will definitely keep using it as I just can’t force myself to pollute the earth even more with disposable razors and I got used to my dolphin like legs after shaving with this bundle.

You can buy it online at and hurry they have a clearance sale on from 1 March 2022 – 10 April 2022 as Re-Store would be closing temporarily, so this is your last chance to get this amazing ecofriendly bundle at a massive discount!

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