Sustainable armpits!

By Angeliz Venter


As you all know, I have recently found a business in South Africa called Recology and their mission, is to bring sustainable replacements for products we use every day to South Africa. In SA, our options are still very limited and supermarket brands claiming to be more sustainable, are not always that reliable and very expensive!


That said, I have always been obsessed with smelling good, I have an irrational fear of smelling bad and I also sweat more than the average person. Although I am not 100% sure what caused my problems with excessive sweat, it is something I am always cautious about and trying to solve or reduce. This is the reason why Nuud stood out for me on the Recology website. First of all, it is vegan, which is a big plus for me when it comes to cosmetics and personal hygiene products and 100% natural. Furthermore, there is no microplastics inside and it is also a certified negative plastic product.


So, what exactly is Nuud? It is a gel or cream like product that you apply under your armpits after you’ve showered. When your armpits are dry and clean, you can apply a pea size squirt of Nuud onto your armpit and rub it in with your hands.  It prevents odor by neutralizing bacteria with micro silver. You can apply it every 3 days in the beginning and as your body adapts to it and your sweat reduces, you can apply it every 5 days. The thing I love about it, is the fact that being active, swimming or taking a shower doesn’t have an effect on it or how often you need to apply it. It also lasts more than ten weeks because it is very concentrated for a 20ml tube. It’s important to know that Nuud doesn’t mask your smell, but rather prevents you from smelling in the first place. That is why your clothes need to be washed and odor free before you can completely reap the benefits of Nuud. The best thing for me about Nuud is the fact that the longer you use it, the more effective it is and the less you have to use it, this is because of the fact that less and less bacteria returns to your armpits with every use. This will save you money in the long run.


Here’s some benefits and facts about Nuud:

  • It doesn’t contain aluminum, fragrances, alcohol or unknown chemicals.
  • No microplastics or nanoparticles.
  • Cruelty free and vegan.
  • Doesn’t cause and clogging or staining.
  • The tube is made of sugarcane bioplastic.
  • The production process and distribution strives to be sustainable.


All in all, I absolutely love using Nuud and will continue doing so in the future. The only thing I would change is the accessibility of the product in South Africa, but Recology makes up for that and provides a good opportunity to order other sustainable products at the same time!


If you want to order NUUD in South Africa, you can visit and use the discount code KICOCO10 at checkout!

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