Your new make-up essential

By Angeliz Venter

For someone who doesn’t wear foundation or make-up very often, because it feels ‘fake’, I was a bit hesitant to try out this new product, because I couldn’t imagine why this mystery product will make my foundation smooth and natural if no other beauty blender or brush could do it. BUT it surprised me beyond what I could’ve imagined, and therefore I introduce to you the newest make-up invention… THE MARSHMALLOW SPONGE!

When I first received my box of four Marshmallow sponges, I immediately wanted to eat it, as it just looked so yummy and even smelled nice! It is round, soft and silky with the trusted brand name ‘MARBLE SKIN CO’ engraved on the side. As someone who is definitely not an expert on make-up and beauty related products, I decided to let Elaine, a trusted make-up artist and Kryolan branch owner test the sponge on me and give her expert opinion as well. Her first words were “Oh my word it is so soft, I love it” and this was before we even started applying my foundation. As soon as she started applying my foundation with the sponge, I loved it! The sponge is so soft on your skin, you barely feel it and it blends the foundation almost immediately leaving no streaks or big lumps of foundation in one place. I will be honest and admit that I did not read the care guide and instructions before I used it and it still came out amazing, but here is the correct instructions and care guidelines.

How to use your Marshmallow sponge:
• Run your sponge under water for a few seconds to dampen it and watch it grow in size. (This is normal and will help you apply your foundation and blend your make-up optimally)
• Squeeze out all excess water and let it dry for a minute.
• Before applying your make-up, the sponge should feel extremely soft and airy, even softer than an actual marshmallow.
• Apply a little bit of foundation on your blender or face and blend it softly. Don’t press too hard and let the sponge do its magic.
• Apply your contouring as needed and blend lightly with the sponge.

Care instructions:
• After using the sponge, rinse it with water and clean it using a mild soap or gentle baby soap. (Little secret, Marble Skin Co will soon be launching a Marshmallow scented cleaner)
• VERY IMPORTANT, do not close it in a container or store it in a place where it cannot dry properly as it will develop mold. (As any damp or wet product does)
• After it is completely dry store it in a safe place or container until your next use.

Ultimately, I love this new marshmallow sponge and will never go back to a traditional method of applying foundation, as I’ve been using brushes up until now. If you are craving for a natural look, like me, this is definitely the way to go and much better than any other beauty blender or brush I’ve come in contact with.

To order visit or email for wholesale options.

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